Suits and Blouses

Sarah, a spirited sixth-former, is fighting changes aimed at taking her school up-market. When her relationship with a member of staff is uncovered, those in charge have a lever against her.

Suits & Blouses was presented at The Room, The Orange Tree Theatre in Spring 1999. It accompanied the play The Last Thrash by David Cregan in the main house - both plays being a different look at the world of teaching.

It was directed by Richard Cullen and featured a cast of: Kaye Quinley, Sophie Rickman, Ewan Thompson and Ian Warwick.

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Sarah Fleet - 17 yrs old - Head Girl - intelligent, down-to-earth, rebellious - having relationship with Jez - opposes Peter's changes
Jez Gayle - 23 yrs old - 2nd year at Earlsmead - teaches French - having a relationship with Sarah - insecure but defiant - still recovering from 'bad time' at university


SARAH: Jez... I have to tell you something... (SHE TAKES A BREATH) Miss Mills, my tutor, friend, great head of sixth, knows about us...that we're... That's what she said when we had our chat, our unimportant little chat, what a joke!

JEZ: Marion said that?

SARAH: She knows we're an item.

JEZ: Shit!... Did you tell her she was wrong?


JEZ: What a...! She knows? (NODS HEAD IN SHOCK) She knew we were going out? Is that what she said?


JEZ: How does she?

SARAH: She wouldn't say.

JEZ: Did you ask?

SARAH: Too right I asked.

JEZ: Did you tell her she was talking rubbish?

SARAH: Oh yes, I said 'Ms Mills, you're talking out of your arse.'

JEZ: You should've...

SARAH: Would you?

JEZ: I'd've felt like it!...

SARAH: ...I felt like it! God, she thinks she knows everything. 'You too can run a spy-system in your school - week-end courses run by renowned international expert and agent Miss Marion Mills - Earlsmead's answer to M.I.5. (SWITCH) If she got laid she wouldn't have so much time to interfere with other people's lives.

JEZ: What did you say when she...I mean your actual words...?

SARAH: I've been trying to tell didn't go like that. She didn't say it out. She...laid a trap...a really good one.

JEZ: How'd'you mean?

SARAH: ...Well a...trick sort of thing...

JEZ: (LOUD) What trick?

SARAH: Don't shout.

JEZ: (ANGRY) I'm not shouting!

SARAH: Listen to you.

JEZ: Because I want to know....

SARAH: I can't remember with you're confusing me...

JEZ: Alright, I'll calm down. (DEEP BREATH) I'm calm. ...See? When you're ready.

SARAH: ...She was talking to me about the new rules... She was getting at me a bit, in her syrupy way, y'know...where she's getting at you but you can't work out how...but you know she know she wants something...and you're trying to work out what so you don't agree to it without meaning to...because it's happened to me in the past...

JEZ: Sarah. The point.

SARAH: ...I'm concentrating totally on school mind is completely on that...trying to put my point...and suddenly she says...(SHE REMEMBERS TO HERSELF)

JEZ: Says what?

SARAH: ...'Is it nice going out with Jez?'

JEZ: 'Is it nice...?' Shit. That is...! What did you say?

SARAH: Yes...

JEZ: You said yes?

SARAH: I said 'yes'. It just...came out. I didn't even realise I said it - I was concentrating on why I deserved to wear jeans...

JEZ: Oh man! That's the oldest trick... You should've said 'no'...

SARAH: 'No'? That's as bad as 'yes'... You couldn't say 'yes' OR 'no' to a question like that.

JEZ: ...You should've...looked at she was mad. Or...or mumbled you didn't know what she was talking about.

SARAH: I had no time! She slipped it in like a knife.

JEZ: (AFTER A PAUSE) We agreed we'd deny it, Sare.